Announcing the Garden Variety Show

So, why this title? Why this name? Why another blog? Aren't there enough to go round as it is? Who would read this? Who will cite this? So many questions about intent, and I don't have time to truly answer them.

All I know is that I am possibly the 3,445,320,043 oldest person in the world. How do we wrestle with identity in a world where it's all been done before? My answer: We simply go ahead and do the things we have to do to to make our mark in the world. We talk about the things we like, we post links to our favorite things. As I continue through my 13th year on the Internet, I'm making a career out of the whole webbiness of our computers.

And so, I've decided to create this blog to provide a way for me to tell people about what I'm watching, what I'm reading, what I think about what happens. Of course, because I'm a journalist, I'll steer away from anything political. I'll steer away from the controversial, at least as it affects by business. I've got the Charlottesville Podcasting Network and other various sites to be my professional presence in the blogosphere, on the Web. This is me time.

This is actually my second public journal. My first was called Codpiece, and was public from March of 1998 to January of 2000. This covered the time I spent working in Georgetown through the time I spent in Calgary. I stopped it for various reasons I won't get into today, but I wonder what would have happened had I kept it live through until now. I penned several Livejournals for a while, but I kept those anonymous. Halfway through the Codpiece experience, I changed all the names to allay the skittish fears of my girlfriend at the time.

But, this is different. This is about having fun in Charlottesville, starting a business, beginning a family, tending bar at Court Square Tavern, filing stories for Virginia public radio, and who knows what else? It's also very much an experiment. And hopefully, an encouragement to others to blog their lives - not to project an ego, but to simply connect to others.

So welcome, and let's all place our bets.

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