Anticipating the Word Wars

Fellow Cville blogger L.M. Squires has given me a great tip to add to my Netflix queue. Word Wars is a look at four obsessive Scrabble nerds. I know that I'm guilty of being obsessed by the game, and have had relationships ruined by my former inability to take the game anything less than seriously. Now I'm much more relaxed about the game, but that may be because I've not lost a game in a long time. I don't play nearly as much as I used to, but would love to have a copy of the game at Court Square Tavern, where I work part-time. If anyone has an extra Scrabble board they'd like to loan to my smokey little home away from home, I will buy you two beers. Not just one. Two.

C-Ville Weekly has highlighted the
Franziskaner Dunkel-Weisse as a special reason to come to the Tavern. I'd have to say that I'm not a fan of it, nor any of the other expensive German beers we sell. I prefer American microbrews to the imports, though I do like our Spaten Lager.

So, yes, that's the deal. Loan us a Scrabble board, and two beers are on me.


Rainbows End said...

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Sean Tubbs said...

Hey, you suck! You don't even exist! I guess there's something I have to do to make sure spam like you never crops up again! I think robots like you should be lined up and have your code deconstructed character by character until you cease to exist!

Furret said...

Hey there citizen 3,445,320,043!!! You're telling me... I got so excited when I had a comment once and it turned out to be some work at home crap!!! I do enough of that. Anywho... so I'm only going to hope that since the CVille made mention of FK Dunkle then we actually do have it in stock. (like I still work there!!!)

polyglot conspiracy said...

Dude, this is my kind of offer. Does a travel Scrabble kit/board suffice? It zips up neatly and everything. I've been looking for a reason to go to Court Square as it is - I've weirdly never been (though I hear it's sometimes 'awkward' on account of no music being played...please make sure this is not the case when I come to deliver the Scrabble).

ps thx for the link

Sean Tubbs said...

certainly this is a legit offer! only good on fridays and saturdays, though, when I bartend. A tile set will do, though I would like to eventually have a full box at the Tavern, complete with scraps of paper with old scores scribbled on them. I know what you mean about the music. We do a lot better on the weekends with that. So, yes, Friday or Saturday!