NBC-Universal signs deal with peer-to-peer network

Peer to peer might go legit yet as a distribution tool for entertainment content. NBC-Universal has signed a deal with Peer Impact to offer limited downloads of its library of content. But, this one comes with a small snag. You'll only be to able to access the content for 24 hours after hitting play, after paying $3 or $4 for the privilege. Ad-Age's Jay Sherman reports...

Users willing to store files on their computers will earn perks. However, Peer Impact will retain control of the files and users will not be able to access them for additional viewings after they've watched the movie the first time. Further, users won't be able to burn those files onto other devices or onto compact discs or DVDs.

I think this part will turn a lot of people off, as will the 24-hour window. Eventually, I'm convinced one of these strategies will take off, but I'm betting people won't spend moneyon something they won't actually own. If they marry the peer-to-peer concept to the all-you-can-eat buffet concept (a la Netflix and Rhapsody) they'll have more success.

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