News While I Work

The best and worst thing about our generation is that we seem to have to be doing two or three things at once. As I type this, I'm babysitting the daughter while she sleeps. I'm listening to mixdowns of a story I'm filing for WCVE and WVTF, while also cruising through the web looking for news, trying to keep my e-mail box down.

The first item is this: NPR has announced four million podcast downloads since debuting the service just a couple of months ago. Clearly, podcasting will succeed by repurposing quality content, and by doing in such a way that enhances the experience, boosts total audience.

The second item is this: WCVE Public Radio is expanding its signal into the Northern Neck and into Southside Virginia. This expands the potential reach of public radio content that I create for WCVE and WVTF Public Radio. This is WCVE's first expansion, and I applaud them for their efforts.

The third item is that I gave a talk on the impact on podcasting at James Madison University last week. For anyone willing to take a listen, the mp3 is stored here.

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