Sneak Peak of the New Doctor Who

I'm not hiding my love of geeky things anymore, and I'm not ashamed of what I like. So, I can report to you with extreme joy that David Tennant has had his debut as the tenth Doctor Who during the BBC's annual Children in Need special. Only about four minutes long, the clip takes place seconds after the Doctor's latest regeneration. I think you can watch it here.

I'm still disappointed that Christopher Eccleston's season-long tenure as the Doctor was not shown in the United States. The Sci-Fi channel deemed it as too British, and indeed it did not hide its country of origin. Why should it? In any case, if you missed out, I'm hoping that it will eventually be shown here, as it was in the rest of the English speaking world. It's not the clunky Doctor Who of old.

It's worth mentioning that the show's rebirth was shepherded by Russell T. Davies, who also created the original version of Queer as Folk. Davies knows the mythology of the series quite well, but also crafted his incarnation for a non sci-fi audience. The result was one of the BBC's biggest hits last year.

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