Pete and Geoff getting a divorce!

Thanks to the Internet and podcasting, I've been able to connect to British culture in a way not quite possible before. Now I can listen to BBC Radio 4 when I'm in the U.S., catch up on various television shows (erm...), and of course, I can know what's happening in pop culture thanks to the Pete and Geoff Breakfast Show on Virgin Radio. England is part of my every day life.

But sad news this week with the announcement that Pete and Geoff are splitting up. After ten years together as a radio duo, they've decided to go their separate ways. Pete Mitchell is the straight man, much older, and it sounds like he's being pushed out. Geoff is my age, and provides the wacky irreverence. The two of them together are nothing terribly special, perhaps, but to me they keep me company while I walk the dog and try to live my life. And, help me feel a tiny bit more connected to the country where my son is growing up. Divorce isn't really fun for anyone.

So, I'll miss this show, but I'm going to enjoy the next two weeks, as Pete becomes much more candid. He's done in radio, so he can say whatever he wants. It's incredibly entertaining to listen to someone doing a controlled burn, eviscerating management, commenting on the songs he's forced to play, and of course, being egged on by his working partner of ten years.

If you want to hear the show, check it out in Itunes.

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