Running in place to get to work

The baby is in her chair now in the living room. Rock and roll music, early music, is playing on the radio. I love having a radio in the house like this and definitely appreciate being able to turn on a box and let other people make the decisions for me in terms of what song comes next. I am tired and not looking forward to going in to work tonight, but it'll be fine. This is kind of a dream time where I get to play a different role while holding on to my old ones.

This new radio is otherworldly, with those odd speakers and the stand, which grants the radio much more dignity than any other appliance in our house. The songs coming out of it at the moment are amazing, timeless, fast. Baby is sitting in her chair kicking her feet into the air and waving her arms while she and the Butterfly catch up on old times. The dial is tuned to 91.2, which is something you don't see in North America. The jingles for U.K. radio stations can be jarring, hearing frequencies ending in even numbers.

I'm thinking of the impending trip to England and thinking about my Englishness and my Americanity and what they are and how they influence me. I could look through that chest of drawers forever, searching through a collection of memories and images and maps that belong to two places.

I think I like working at Court Square Tavern because it's an English kind of place. I get to be myself there in a way that I don't get to be anywhere else. I keep working there despite being awfully busy with podcasting because I want to retain this part of my identity.

In any case, I'll be there, exulting in being a server, a dishwasher, a manager, a bartender and a podcasting salesman. If anyone reading this through cvilleblogs.com is in town, I'll be in tonight, tomorrow night and New Year's Eve. A special prize for anyone who comes in and records their New Year's resolutions for a podcast.

And, the offer on the Scrabble game still applies.

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