Weird radio program that may be of interest

I'm a huge fan of strange music. So, Barry Fritztravalis' quirky Notes That Were program is right up my alley. I've allowed him to post the program on the Charlottesville Podcasting Network website, though I am not going to link it from the main page. I have a feeling that would destroy business.

Here's the latest episode. Barry says he's looking for odd found sounds to use on future shows. He wants yours. E-mail him.

If you're looking for a way to annoy people, blast this stuff from your car stereo. If you're intrigued and want to hear more, educate yourself in the joys of Negativland.


Lyle Solla-Yates said...

Negativland! Holy crap! I was certain I was the only one who listened to that noise! On my way back from a Phish show, at like 2 AM, the concert's radio station played A Big 10-8 Place. Incredible stuff, I was hooked. I'll check this out.

Sean Tubbs said...

One two stupid, three four dumb, five six idiot, seven eight seepy sate!

If not for Negativland, I would most likely be selling insurance somewhere. Negativland was the first time I realized that not all is what it seemed in the world of radio.