Ricky Gervais' popular podcast to charge for downloads

Ricky Gervais is taking his smash podcast hit to Audible for a $7 a month subscription. My wife and I have really enjoyed the free podcast that's been available through Guardian Unlimited and iTunes, along with hundreds of thousands throughout the world. I enjoy it, but I doubt I'll pay $7 a month for it. Listening to poor Karl Pilkington explain his outlandish views can be hilarious, but worth a quarter a podcast, not $1.75 a pop.

It seems successful podcasts all have an existing brand behind them. Fancy that!


Anonymous said...

It's not $7 a month. It's $7 for the entire of Season 2. Which could be anything up to 12 episodes. They have commited to at least 4 episodes till they work out the details.

Sean Tubbs said...

That I might pay for, especially as I'm sure there will be plenty of ads for Flanimals and the like. I got my info from here .

"An Audible subscription to the show will cost $7 a month in the US and £4.50 a month in the UK. For the money, you'll get four half hour shows."

I must admit, it's the Audible connection that makes me a bit reluctant. Any info on that?

Anonymous said...

Yeah that info is wrong. I guess they've got a bit mixed up with the four episodes thing and assumed it's a monthly billing. I believe it will be announced probably tomorrow that each episode will also be available individually to download on iTunes for a smaller fee, probably about $1.95. Although if it goes for 12 episodes that's a lot more than $7.