What happened to cvilleradio.org?

Does anyone know what happened to cvilleradio.org? The site went live last year as a way to bring Charlottesville music to local audiences and the world. I tried to get in touch with the person running it in order to possibly team up, but never heard anything back. The person running it, a guy named Steve Momorella, is also quoted in the same Hook article as me from last August. But, visiting the site reveals that the domain has not been renewed, as of February 16.

cvilleradio.org had quite the publicity campaign, with at least one two-page ad in the Hook, but I guess it didn't really work out. Music is a tricky business with podcasting, as the licensing agreements for anything other than podsafe music haven't really been ironed out yet. I'd be curious to know what happened if anyone has any information.

As an aside, I'd like to thank everyone who wrote in about Court Square Tavern. From what I understand, we're aiming to be back open by the 30th anniversary. This according to an entry in the Hook. I'm still out a good chunk of my monthly income, but I'm hoping to make it up with a renewed commitment to podcasting, both through the Charlottesville Podcasting Network and my work on the U.Va Podcast site. I'm very excited about the future, optimistic that my experience in radio and podcasting will allow me to do work that's fulfilling and financially rewarding.

Then again, in a year's time, maybe someone will be writing a blog entry entitled "What happened to cvillepodcast.com?" It is my intention to work hard so that doesn't occur.

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