Honest Thoughts on U.S. Match

We're not doing very well in this game. The one real chance we had, we messed up because Landon Donovan's kick went in the opposite direction of the goal. And, we only scored because Claudio Reyna let Ghana Dramani take the ball off of him.

We have all of these great set-ups, but nothing seems to come of them. We're not playing awful, but we're certainly not playing as desperately as we need to. We need to be playing much more like we have nothing to lose, because, we have nothing to lose.

Now Reyna is out, which causes me to make this bold prediction: His absence will help us get at least one goal, but maybe not two. Claudio Reyna is over-rated. Now, can Landon Donovan be a good captain and bring victory to our side?

Stay tuned.

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