US: Not all hope is lost

Okay, I might have said "not all hope is lost" after the U.S. team lost 3-0 to the Czech Republic. Teams have been known to come back from such a stinging loss. But, then, Italy beat Ghana 2-0, which gives Italy an edge and forces us to beat them on Saturday. And then, Ghana will be playing to save face for all of Africa. So far, none of the African teams have managed a win.

That was just an ugly match, but it's not done anything to dampen my World Cup spirit. I'm really enjoying watching this tournament unfold. I'm glad to be watching Brazil and Croatia place. ESPN2 televised the entire opening ceremony for the match, something they've not done yet. Also in Group F play, yesterday's Australia-Japan match is what I needed to remember that things can turn around fast in this game. Australia's three rapid-fire goals felt great to watch.

I loved the Togo-South Korea match today. Though they got beat, Togo showed heart and managed a nice goal. It was very exciting to watch. Switzerland-France was kind of boring. I left with ten minutes left in the match in order to hear to an interview assignment for WVTF. Given the way France and Switzerland played today, I wouldn't be surprised if South Korea can win this group.

Also today, I caught more of the Adidas commercial, but was busy working, so I couldn't pay attention.

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