World Cup at the Halfway Point

Okay, it's getting a little ridiculous now, working between games. It's a bit better this week, with all of the final games of the first round being played at the same time, so there are only two World Cup slots each day to work around.

Of course, today is the big day. The United States can get through with a little help from Italy, and with some actual scoring. We have got to score today, which will be tough. Ghana can also get through with a win, so they're going to play hard as well, but that could open up defensive holes for us to play through. But, Ghana is going to want this game possibly more than we do.

Although, as Stephen Colbert said last night (with help from Alexei Lalas) "Ghana, you're not 'ghana' win!"

I think I may have to take tomorrow off, because I have got to catch up on work!

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