World Cup Day One Over!

Well, I caught the first half of Germany v. Costa Rica, but the second half did not record properly. Our VCR is in need of repairs, or we're in need of buying a new one.

But, I managed to watch most of Ecuador v. Poland, a somewhat lackluster match, with two easy-looking goals for Ecuador. The second one was a total giveaway, which makes you wonder how Poland qualified. Still, the second match was infinitely more fun to watch because Tommy Smyth was the color man. How I miss the goal being described as "the old onion bag!"

Final comments for the day. I love the Adidas commercial with the two kids in what appears to be a South American slum picking their top world players. It's really quite lovely. However, I hope they actually show the match by the end of the tournament, because this is one commercial that's going to get old fast.


Jeff Cornejo said...

If you need to catch a replay, let me know. I'm recording all the matches to hard drive.

Sean Tubbs said...

I may take you up on that! I'm hoping to watch as many matches as I can live, especially England and the U.S.nyd