World Cup Kicks Off! Germany V. Costa Rica underway

I'm actually beginning this post ten minutes before the start of World Cup. I've been listening to BBC Radio 5 Live, listening to commentary about the Germany v. Costa Rica match that kicks off the month-long event. In an alternate future, I would be living in the U.K. right now, but I'm not. I'm in my basement studio, watching the tail end of Cold Pizza. It would be nice if ESPN had some sort of preview going on for the event, but you take what you get, right?

Oh wait! Eight minutes in, they cut away from the recorded show to have a little bit of American perspective. In one ear, BBC explaining what's going on in detail, and in the other, three American commentators explaining at a very basic level what's going on. I don't mind the disparity. The great thing about the World Cup is that it's about the entire world taking part in one event. There's nothing else like this. I'm actually sort of happy that American sports media doesn't pay too much attention to it.

I'm hoping to watch as many of the 64 matches as possible. I'm going to watch the first half of Germany v. Costa Rica, and tape the rest, because I foolishly took a reporting assignment for today. Shouldn't the entire world stop for this?

What I would like to do is find others in Charlottesville who are following the World Cup. There doesn't seem to be any online community to talk about these matches. Maybe we can create one? Create a blog or a space on hooville.net or something?

The two teams I'm following at this moment are the U.S. and England. I'd like to see someone other than Brazil take the whole thing.

ESPN is having technical issues already. Marcelo Balboa is a very scary looking man. I hope he's a good commentator. I hope Seamus is back!

Here it comes! Will Costa Rica surprise Germany? It's a national holiday in Costa Rica, I've just been informed. I'm so excited! And it's off!

Jim Duncan is also wondering where we'll all go to watch the matches.

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