Pedaling my way towards biking

Last night, I rode downtown from our house to pick up our second car, which we had left on the street. The wife and I had both driven there, and I drove us both back in her car. I was there within twenty minutes, and was amazed at how easy it was, with all the bike lanes and everything. I think as the price of gas continues to rise that we'll be doing that much more often.

The above paragrpaph, though, is a just a way of giving a promo for a radio programme the BBC will air on Monday, and will stream through the website. You can also listen again. I thought folks might be interested in knowing about it.

The Fall and Rise of the Bicycle, 9.00-9.30pm (4 to 4:30 EST)
New series. Mark Stephen explores the bicycle in three very different cultures. He meets cyclists in Namibia, China, Denmark and London, and finds out why the bicycle is of pivotal importance to the future health of the planet.

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