An update

So, I read this week that Dave Winer is no longer going to blog. Also, Waldo Jaquith seems to have cut back. What are we to make of this? Is anyone declaring that blogging is dead?

Well, this here blog has been dead, mostly because it is such a low priority, given everything that I'm involved with. I also keep myself from writing most of the things that spring into my mind. It was my original plan to blog about all the World Cup matches I watched. But, I soon stopped when I realized I couldn't keep up and do the bare minimum I needed to do to keep food on the table. The inertia of not posting anything was too hard to overcome, so I didn't even write a preview of my thoughts on the final!

Truth is, I don't really see this blog as a conduit for information. I'm not sure what I wee it as. I could promote various podcasts I enjoy listening, but I don't think anyone would be much interested. I could promote my own podcasts, but that's what the Charlottesville Podcasting Network is for. I'd like to be consistent, so I consistently don't post these types of things.

Yet, I am not going to give up the blog, and will continue posting at an incredibly slow rate as the mood strikes me. This white box I'm typing in is like a room in the house that I seldom visit. I always mean to decorate it up, but there are just other places to be.

Right now the place where I am is WNRN, where I'm reading the news. I've moved to Tuesdays now, and the adjustment to live radio is still proving to be a challenge. People who have heard my work on WVTF or WCVE might notice I seldom stumble. That's because everything I do for them is produced before it airs, so I get the chance to read the copy multiple times.

But during the 6:20 newscast, one stumble caused me to muck up the rest of the reading. I had rushed through the copy when I went to rehearse it, so when the pot was open, I felt like a bit like Barbaro. Thankfully, corrective advice from Anne Williams helped me get it right at 6:40. But what about 7:00?

I am hoping to use this experience at WNRN to produce a daily podcast of headlines and news. I feel people should have more ways of getting information, and that a podcast may be one to just that. As always, I'm looking for volunteers who might be interested in being part of such a project.

But much more importantly, I want to hear from you. Do you feel informed about local news? What would you like to see or hear when it comes to the news? How do you define "the news" anyway? Let's get a discussion of this going, either here, or on a local forum such as hooville.net.

Time for the 7:00 news. Let's hope I don't remember that I have a stutter.


Waldo Jaquith said...

Actually, I'm writing just as many words, only with less frequency, approaching them as essays or columns. Looking at the blog entries on the front page of my site now, I have one at 700 words, one at 584, one at 1,500, one at 950, and one at 2,200 words.

I have nine blog entries in the hopper now. For one of them (on indigent dental care in Virginia) I've already conducted a trio of interviews, but I have more research to do. Another is about the similarities between Pepsi's Peruvian marketing campaign and the tactics of anti-abortion activists.

The frequency of my writing has gone down, but the number of words has not been reduced and (I hope) the value of what I'm writing has increased.

And, of course, that's just one of my blogs. :)

Sean Tubbs said...

I stand corrected. Not only am I not writing, I also am apparently not reading!