The White Rabbit

We were outside sitting on the porch at Monsoon for dinner this evening. We had just come from the 30th anniversary celebration of the mall. Suddenly, a flash of white light appeared from the bushes lining the steps of the McGuffey Art Center. This large white rabbit flopped out, and proceeded to eat the grass.

We were a bit alarmed. It looked like a loose pet, and this one dog had come barrelling towards it, but it was thankfully more interested in another dog which was actually on a leash.

As we ate, we kept tabs on the rabbit. We told the waitress, who didn't know what to do, but joined us in keeping an eye on Fluffy. I called a friend who does some work at the McGuffey, but he didn't know anything about a white rabbit.

We paid up, and I decided to go take a look. Our friend Todd stopped by to watch me, and called me a would-be "rabbit whisperer" and sure enough, the rabbit eventually came to my hand. It has tiny little ears, and seemed tame as anything.

As I was stopped down, a woman came up behind me with her two kids and asked me what I was doing. I said I was trying to figure who this rabbit belonged to. She said it was hers, and that she had let it graze on the McGuffey lawn while she and her kids were on the wall. She said it was an "indoor/outdoor" rabbit, which I'd never heard of before.

She looked a bit suspicious, and seemed mad when she couldn't get the rabbit to come to her. We walked off, more than a bit puzzled.

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