The end of the summer

How can it possibly be August 18th, with students expected to descend on town tomorrow morning? Where did this summer go? It seems like I just recorded U.Va's graduation ceremonies.

For that matter, where's the whole year gone? In about five minutes I'll be writing about how I can't believe it's Christmas.

Is there a way to stop time, or at least, to slow things down a bit? Perhaps a way to pluck the strings of reality a little bit differently then we're used to? When I work the morning news shift at WNRN, I definitely feel very different. Waking up at 4:00 just adds five hours to my day, because I certainly don't get any more sleep. And now that I'm doing it twice a week (Tuesday and Fridays!) I wonder if I should readjust my life and just decide to wake early every single day.

Now I'm talking crazy.

But yes, the end of the summer, but of course, it's going to be warm for a while. While I walked my dog the other day I noticed all sorts of yellow and brown leaves on the sidewalk. This week's cooler temperatures have been very welcome. The beginning of the college football season makes me happy. The return of my favorite television shows is something to look forward to. I'll be going to England in late October and early November. So, there's a lot to look forward to.

There's also more podcasts to look forward to, but there's also the business to maintain. My daughter will mark her first birthday, and I'll curse our oak-tree laden back yard.

What has your biggest accomplishment been this summer?

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