Three weeks gone by?

How did three weeks go by since the last post? For the life of me, I am a little unclear of how that happened, exactly. This entire summer is almost over, and of course, I'm wishing it will be soon because I'm ready for sweaters and jeans once more.

I'm also ready for Court Square Tavern to re-open. I'm torn between working there and working there again. On the one hand, I'd like to be there for grand re-opening, but on the other, I've done okay without it, financially.

But, really, three weeks since a post. On here, at least. I'm posting several things a day to the Charlottesville Podcasting Network site. But, nothing here.

Part of this is because adding WNRN to my work week has sped things up. I've been reading the news once a week, but for three out of the past four weeks I've gone up to two days a week. This has meant rethinking my work week. It doesn't pay very much at all, but it has begun to take up a lot more of my time.

July was not a heavy month for me getting stories on WVTF. I've mostly spent my work weeks working on Reunions Weekend 2006 material for the University. I've also been thinking of new ideas for how to shape the CPN site into something that allows for the influx of new material we've had. Since Monday, there are ten new podcasts. You can check many of them out in the Odeo player just to your right.

Or take a look here:

A review of Clerks 2 by Ian Solla Yates on WNRN's 91 Seconds on Film
The Urinetown Trailer from Johnny St. Ours, produced for Live Arts
Mohamed Yahwa of the Darfurian advocacy group Damanga Coalition for Freedom and Democracy, courtesy of WINA's Charlottesville--Right Now
A growth update from Brian Wheeler of Charlottesville Tomorrow (CRN)
Delegate Brian Moran on transportation funding (CRN)
Jackson Landers of Rule .303 (CRN)
GenTech #4: Voice over IP and instant messaging by Steve Whitaker
Podcast2.0 show#2: Revisiting the Key Question
Bill Emory on the Woolen Mills neighborhood (CRN)
Coy Barefoot interviews Dr. Richard Deth about the mysteries of autism (CRN)

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