Support WNRN - pledge tomorrow morning from 6 to 9

It's fund-raiser time again at WNRN. If you're thinking of supporting the station with a donation, consider doing so tomorrow morning between 6 and 9. That's when I'll be reading the news, and it would me ever-so-good if some of you would show your support while I'm on the air. Of course, the music during Acoustic Sunrise is first-rate, and the perfect blend to begin your day.

I've been reading the news since May, and it's been a great experience. I've had a real musical education working with Anne Williams, and I look forward to continuing this into the future. The Internet has brought us many more ways to listen to music, but there's nothing better then the radio to bring you something you've never heard before, with the context provided by someone whose job it is to scour the world for great tunes.

So, consider supporting tomorrow during fund-drive between 6 to 9 AM.

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