Terry Gilliam on the Sound of Young America

Jesse Thorn continues to blossom into one of this country's most serious interviewers on the Sound of Young America. In recent weeks, he's had some really excellent interviews, and his chat this week with Terry Gilliam is absolutely top-notch. The conversation goes on for about forty minutes, and mostly focuses on Gilliam's latest film Tideland, which did not get good reviews. Gilliam very candidly discusses why this is the case, and at the end discusses how he's largely unbankable. Thorn's questions are intelligent, thought-provoking, and I feel like I've just eavesdropped on a chat between two colleagues.

Take a listen: (won't show up in Bloglines or in an aggregator)

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The Sound of Young America is a listener-supported podcast and independent radio production. Each week, Jesse Thorn talks with a couple of figures in the world of entertainment. This week also features a great conversation with Chris Elliot. Again, this is not a forced interview, and you'll hear things you're just not going to hear on any NPR program. Subscribe in iTunes for best results.

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