U.Va Law professor talks baseball

Part of what I do for a living is record audio at the University of Virginia for their podcast. There's some really amazing stuff available through this site. I've just realized that someone has submitted their feed to Odeo, which means I can just add a little embed code here to make the player work out.

Anyway, yesterday, U.Va Law Professor Ted White gave a talk called "Baseball at the Crossroads" in which he outlined all of the major problems facing the sport. First of all, kids aren't playing the sport like they used to. Second, the economic playing field favors large-market teams over small-market teams. And finally, the steroids crisis is seriously hurting the sport. White is the author of Creating the National Pastime: Baseball Transforms Itself, 1903-1953.

This talk is part of the Provost office's More than the Score lecture series, held before every Saturday home football game. The very beginning of this talk features some information about the series, and White's talk is about five minutes in. Thanks to the player below, you can skip ahead.

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Take a listen. How do you think baseball will save itself? Will baseball be around in fifty years time?

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