"Break of journey"

So, Jim is watching an episode of the Ghost Whisperer on Sky +, and it has to be the one in which there's a major plane crash. It's freaking me out. But, I can type while sitting on this couch. I'm not comfortable sitting on the bunk bed I sleep on when I'm here at Dunstable. I hope all goes well tomorrow.

My flight leaves at 5:00 PM London time tomorrow. I've got a long day ahead of me. I'm hoping to be at the Luton train station by 10:30, to catch the train into London. I'm then getting the Underground to a stop to meet with someone from the UK Podcaster's Association. There may be an interview in the future.

After lunch, I'm then hoping to be at Heathrow for 3:00. The Underground trip to Heathrow usually takes an hour or so. The Heathrow Underground stop is back in operation.

The trip is over. I've not written anything about it since Saturday. Not even to myself. So much to say. Too late now. I hope I can recall the details once I get back, but I never do. The details of trips to England fade into oblivion so fast. I don't like this. My preference would be to be here, as is likely obvious.

Maybe I'll write more about it, but this blog will likely fade into oblivion, too. When I am in Charlottesville, I find it hard to write out any details. Being a so-called journalist, I can't write out what I want to write out. I don't know what my fear is.

Anyway, back to normality, soon.

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