Homeward bound

Okay, I was pretty bleak last night about the prospects of leaving here. I still wish I could stay, somehow, but the goal is to be back over here again in four months or so. And then again next November. My Thanksgivings will likely be spent over here for years to come, until I can figure out how to move over here with the family.

But, I am looking forward to getting back to Charlottesville. The site is moribund, and I've not posted anything since last week. The Wake-Up Call file from Sunday is sitting on a hard drive at WNRN, waiting for me to go and get it. I took the instructions with me, which wasn't good. My apologies to the producers, and to Rick Moore on that.

Charlottesville is home. I've lived there longer then I've lived anywhere else in my adult life. More than four years, now! Four very full years, with a lot of turmoil and drama, but a lot of happiness, too. And, a lot of possibility.

And, I'm ready to take it all to the next step. I can't wait to get back into my office, in my studio. I brought a microphone with me on this trip, but I can't get it to work too much. I've concentrated mostly all my time on my son, and had several great days with him. I met his mother's new lad, and he's a nice chap.

I had planned to produce a whole backlog of the Charlottesville--Right Now shows, but that just didn't happen. Sorry, Coy! I need an assistant, or an intern, or someone willing to gain experience with all of this. The sky is the limit, and it's sunny here in England!

I had hoped to write out a lot more about the day to day life over here. So many details. Maybe next time.

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