Wags Outside: Excellent commentary on working a second job

I tend to complain a lot that my life is too busy. I work the morning shift at WNRN three days a week, which means getting up at 4:30. I do a mixture of child-care and work throughout the rest of the day, sometimes working until very late in the evening.

But, Charlottesville blogger Wags Outside has an excellent post about the second job he took this year as a package handler for UPS.

Unloading tractor trailers is not rocket science. Grab a box, put it on the belt. Grab a box, put it on the belt. Grab a box, put it on the belt. The expected pace is a package every 3 seconds. It's easy to keep that pace when you're grabbing Aunt Edna's Christmas fruitcake or a package from LL Bean. It gets a bit more challenging when you're dealing with heavy auto parts, or picking apart a teetering wall of packages that is threatening to bury you in an avalanche.

He took the job to provide a second income, as he writes Charlottesville wages don't really cover costs very well. This is kind of inspiring, and well worth a read.

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