WNRN looking for news volunteers

I just posted a link to Craigslist asking for new news volunteers for WNRN, where I serve as news director. Here's the copy:

WNRN is looking for reliable people to write and read the morning and afternoon news. If you've ever wanted a shot at being a broadcaster, this is your chance. With training you'll be on the air across Central Virginia, helping keep the community in touch with what's going on. No experience is necessary. The position is volunteer at first, but if you develop the skill, you'll be paid a small stipend. You'll gain valuable work experience and exposure that will pay off if you're willing to work hard. Be part of the team by contacting Sean Tubbs today!
The experience really is incredibly value, and well worth doing. If you're interested, drop me a line and we'll start the training process.

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