More experimenting with Flash players

Yes, I know, it looks incredibly unprofessional of me to post messages such as this one letting people know that I still am looking for more ways to implement audio. I'm not a programmer, but I am trying a few things out to make it easier for people to hear some of the audio I've helped record in the last few years.

powered by ODEO

(I can't get my custom player to work, so I will leave this one up from Odeo, which seems to be updating again. I guess it's still alive?)

To make this a real blog entry, I will say something about my day. I slept in today until 9:00, which is a very long time these days. I was at WNRN four days this week. I've also been very busy. Crazy busy. And there could be some interesting changes ahead for me.

Today we went to Maharajah for lunch, and then the mall, and then the pet store. We bought a new leash for Billy. His other one went missing. Billy is also going to get shorn tomorrow. He's incredibly wooly at the moment, very matted.

I am going to work well into the evening, and then a busy day tomorrow. What's your day going to be like?


eric said...

Busy also.

I wish I knew more about podcasting - you're trying to build a custom flash player instead of just using Odeo or some other one?

Sean Tubbs said...

I wish I knew more about podcasting, too! I know it's not going to be a mass medium in this country. Very much a niche medium, and one that I doubt will grow much more. There's too much going on, and Americans aren't generally looking for more things to listen to. Now, in other countries, I think it will work, but here, I don't know.

I don't see much of a future for Odeo, and I'd rather run my own through my own server. That way I can hopefully expose someone to the idea that my site exists. I'm a big fan of the idea of using embedded players, but I don't draw much of that to my own site.