The reports of podcasting's demise may be exaggerated

One of my Google News alerts is "podcasting", which you cna imagine seeing as how I run the Charlottesville Podcasting Network. My anecdotal reading on the news trend on podcasting is that the medium had an initial flurry of optimistic and enthusiastic stories two years ago, followed by a series of gloom and doom articles.

And now, the trend seems to be cycling back the other way. Here's a sample of articles from today's alert:

Podcast Is the Next Step in Broadcasting (Daily Nexus student newspaper)
They're Not Just Play Things (Chicago Tribune)
Fast selling iPods make podcasting popular (Arizona Star-Tribune)

The long view is going to support my notion that podcasting, and whatever it evolves into, will be an important way to get information about the community. That's why I formed CPN and will contine to maintain it, even as I take my new job with Charlottesville Tomorrow.

I'm always looking for volunteers to assist me. There's a lot to learn, and I've got a lot to teach about audio production. Drop me a line if you're interested.

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