Trans Am plays Satellite Ball Room on April 11

Trans Am is playing the Satellite Ball Room on April 11. Ryan Murphy has a fun interview with them in the Cavalier Daily. I'm a fan of the band, but I've not kept up as I've gotten older. And, of course, the idea of going to see a show these days fills me with fear, rather than a sense of giddy anticipation. Sometime in my late twenties I decided I didn't like going to see live shows. I suspect I know why this is, though I don't know if I want to really write it down.

One of the only cassettes I still play from time to time is Trans Am's first album. I got a copy from my friend Jeff at the tail end of a Rope Goat Clan session he shared with me. Murphy describes in his article how the band came about as a reaction to Pearl Jam and other grunge bands tinged with prehistoric emo.

"We hated Pearl Jam and insisted on playing hard rock without an emotive vocalist getting in the way," [band member] Manley said.

I've really got to overcome my fear of going out and just attend this show. It's been difficult to imagine much of a social or night life for myself with the ever-present demands of family and business. But, this upcoming Wednesday, I really should stop making excuses and just go and enjoy the damned show.

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