C-Ville Riot? What do you know?

Outskirts last night reported on a riot or some sort of a disturbance downtown.

BREAKING NEWS: Seems as if a large number of youth are running around in the village this evening raising some havoc. At least three police cars and a police bike are involved in pursuit. Loud noises that may have been gunshots or firecrackers were heard in the Belmont/downtown areas.

My wife was with friends at MAS last night, sitting outside. This morning she told me she saw something odd.

She described a "lot of people," mostly African-American pre-teens and teenagers on foot, being led down Hinton Avenue in the heart of Belmont Street by three police cars with their lights flashing, sirens off.

"They seemed jubilant," says my wife.

I can't find any other information for this online. Nothing on any of the "major" sites. Did you hear or see this?


StLmom said...

I saw it too, (alongside your wife) and it was parade-like, if anything. Certainly not something I'd categorize as a riot. It got a lot of attention by spectators. It's not often you see that large a group of young people walking down the middle of the street at 11p.m. I just wanted to know where they were going; where they had come from.

JohnL said...

So, what's the latest on this story?

Sean Tubbs said...

Nothing. A friend of mind said he was going to call the cops. I've not had any time to follow up on it - too many election related issues going on this week!