Court Square Tavern opens this week!

They said it couldn't be done.

Or, maybe they didn't say that. But they could have if they had wanted to.

But, Court Square Tavern has risen from the ashes and opens this week in its new, shiny form. There's a brand new kitchen, two LCD televisions, a new standing bar in the back, a revamped menu, wi-fi access, eight taps of beer, more than a hundred kind of bottled beer, and a very different look and feel.

In short, to my eyes it is absolutely gorgeous. I can't wait until it's really open for good.

Right now, hours are limited. It opens for lunch tomorrow (call first to confirm) and will be open in the evenings beginning later this week.

And, possibly best of all - there is a petition to make the entire place non-smoking. I think this will be a good thing, and if you feel the same, make sure you sign the petition. Bill Curtis joked that he would abide by the petition if it gets more than 50 signatures. I predict that it will.

This is such a good thing for Charlottesville. An institution that could have gone away did not.

So, when I posted about the fire in March of last year, a lot of people promised to buy a beer there. I think very soon we'll need to start making that happen, right? I'm looking at you, Bill Emory! :)

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