Enjoying the Genius of Charlottesville

I may be a loser, yes. But, I'm a hard-working loser.

Why loser? I'm sitting at Miller's while finishing up work after my first two jobs finished up. I'm away from home, and I hate that, but I have all of these projects that I have to finish up so I can really get going with the new job at Charlottesville Tomorrow. So, I'm cleaning up a lecture on nanotechnology while having a beer that is not a Stella Artois, even though that's what I ordered. It's a pale ale, which I really don't mind either.

I once swore I would never come back to Miller's, but it's too easy to be here. It's too easy to sit here and order beers. They have the fountain turned on now, and it's very peaceful to hear the whooshing and the whirring while this man talks about the future technology.

If it were two weeks from now, I would be having this post-work work session at Court Square Tavern, which is just about to about. As I walked past today, I noticed they even have glasses ready to go in the new three-sink unit. I'm scared to look in too much, because I want it to be open as soon as it can be open. When it is, my return to downtown Charlottesville will be complete.

I'm working, but I'm relaxing at the same time. I love what I do, and I've been lucky enough and pig-headed enough to keep my business and my website going for the past two years. More than that, now. When I was younger, I would have poured my desire to work into a restaurant. Either the Tavern, or any of the other dozen places I worked in my life.

Tonight I attended a joint meeting of the Board of Architectural Review and the Planning Commission. I'll write an article about that tomorrow on the Charlottesville Tomorrow blog, and I'll post a podcast as well. This new role is incredibly interesting to me, as now I have to think like a real writer, as opposed to a broadcast writer.

Which means I'm going to see this place in a whole new light. As I walked down from my office to lovely old Miller's, I kept looking up at the buildings all around me, trying to understand the new terminology. I'm not going to pretend I know it all, but of course, I am learning.

When I'm ready to go home (when my battery dies) I'll hop on the trolley. That's the beauty of it. I live in a place where I can get to work on a bus, and I can spend all of my time in one place with lots of options, and then go home to a cool house. Is it cheap? No. It's pretty damned expensive. But, that's why I work hard.

On the ramble-tron, this post merits a 10.

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