Friday Night Relaxation Writing

It's Friday night! We just got back from the Pavilion, and Atomic Burrito. My eyes are burning and I'm listening to Davie Bowie's "Life on Mars" through Rhapsody, as I'm all nostalgic for the show I've only just finished for the first time.

"Life on Mars" is simply the best show I've watched in a very long time. It confirms what is my emerging theory that television shows today should be compared to more like novels than television shows of days gone by. It's a very puzzling show, in that the ending really doesn't satisfy on the first view-round.

The show is about a Detective Chief Inspector for the Manchester Police who gets hit by a car, and wakes up back in 1973. He's not sure if he's time-traveled or if he's in a coma and dreaming the whole thing. But, everything is completely alive for him, and it doesn't stop. Over the course of 16 episodes, Sam Tyler tries to understand what's happening, and helps introduce 21st century crime-fighting techniques to the seventies.

In this show, the past of England is drawn so vividly. My wife told me that the England she saw in the show was the England she remembered from when she was a child living in London. Run-down, not nearly as slick as the place is now.

My point really in saying that is that I'm missing the program, as I'm missing many of the shows I watch. It's a Friday night, and I'm so tired of screens, having sat in front of one all week. And yet, here I am at the moment, trying to put a few words down because it's kind of a relaxing thing to do.

I had hoped that Court Square Tavern would have been open for the evening tonight, but they could not staff the place. I would have loved to have done it, but I'm not going to work there for now. It's way too hard to do that as well as a full-time job. But, there was a sign on the door that says the place will be smoke-free. That's an amazing thing, and I think will make the difference in terms of their success. They're hiring right now, and it's a fun job. Drop me an e-mail if you're interested. I will certainly miss the money I made there in the past.

But, Fridays are way too important to me now, as I really like going downtown after work. I worked until 6:30 tonight after writing a story about the Albemarle County Service Authority meeting from yesterday, as well as posting a link to a fascinating discussion about sustainable growth. That one will be posted soon.

I'm always amazed at how many people live here, or at least, how many people show up on Friday's, especially for a Dead cover band. I'm amazed at how many people I just don't recognize, and don't come into contact with. What percentage of the population around us do we actually know and recognize? A woman I interviewed today for a Live Arts podcast (Streetcar preview here!) said that she's amazed at how she doesn't really know anyone in town anymore. Does this mean there are too many people here, or does it just mean that we don't have a media culture in place that truly lets people discuss in a civil way, both offline and online. Think about how many cvillebloggers know each other now.

But, what about the people we don't know, the ones who have never read a blog, who have never downloaded a podcast? But, I'm also amazed at how many people who are listening to content when they want to, where they want to. It's happening, slowly.

(Anyway, just a few minutes writing, to prime me, to get me going. Now that I am off the air, away from radio, I am hoping to get back to writing. I certainly am doing this with Charlottesville Tomorrow, but now it's time to do more writing, about things, in the hopes of reaching other people again.)


emory said...

sean- i went by court square tavern yesterday, had a guiness and a BLT. yum. I am still living in the '80's so had a bit of sticker shock when I paid up. wonderful that they are open again. now, if they'd give me a beer scholarship...

Waldo said...

I just flipped on BBCA 15 minutes ago to find "Life on Mars" playing, so I'm watching it now. I missed everything prior to him in the middle of a muddy field next to a car playing "Life on Mars," but I seem to be figuring it out. This is not, though the England I knew is a kid. But that's probably because I lived in London, not Manchester, and that was in the early 80s, not the early 70s.

Sean Tubbs said...

Bill: Yeah, he's charging an awful lot. But, oh well.

Waldo: The England I remember from '81, the first time I went ever, seemed like what I saw. Kind of run-down. Beat-up. Etc. The show is a lot of fun because of this, playing up the conflict between late 20th and early 21st century attitudes. Add in the possibility of time-travel, and it's a fun show.

For me, the cool thing is that there are 16 episodes, total. No more, no less. That's it. Story from beginning to end, 16 hours and done.