Come on CONCACAF, do a better job!

It is June 24, 2007, and all I want to know is what channel today's Gold Cup final between the U.S. and Mexico. It's on at 3:00, and I know they're showing it at the Shebeen, but I'd rather just watch it at home if I had the option. So, I want to know if it's on ESPN or the Fox Soccer Channel.

So, I go to the CONCACAF website to find out. Of course, the CONCACAF site is not using video very well at all. There's a very small video box on the left hand side of the screen that plays a video announcement of what teams are playing in what divisions. That's all well and good, except it's the final day of the tournament. They've not even updated the video.
What's more annoying is that as you navigate the website, the video plays from the beginning. It's very annoying.

This should be a major tournament, and it could be if they would simply use the web matter. Why are they not selling live streams of the matches? Why are there no archives of the matches?

Men's Soccer is always doomed to be a fifth-tier sport in this country unless it is easier to watch. The U.S. has played in five matches so far, and I would love to have been able to watch. There's almost no coverage of it, and their news release for a YouTube CONCACAF channel.... hey! That works, sort of! But, I think the latest video was shot before the finalists were around. This would have been a great video if I'd known about it Thursday. Still, I'll listen and will see.

But they don't allow embedding, so if you want to see, you'll have to go here:

So, anyone going to the Shebeen today? Looks like that's the only option for those of who refuse to pay $150 a month for one channel.

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