What kind of a commenter are you?

I'm a journalist who covers government meetings, but one of the RSS feeds I check frequently in Bloglines is TVSquad. I don't watch that much television, but I am fascinated by the business of the medium. TVSquad keeps me up to date on the creative side, and I am a frequent commenter.

So, I'm curious to know exactly where I fit on their list of the kinds of people who comment on the site. This post is written by Jay Black in response to the Simpsons movie, and the countless people who commented on every single related post by saying that "The Simpsons haven't been funny in years" and so on.

So, click over there, and weigh in on who you are.


Eric F. said...

Interesting post. I was going to draw the parallel between what Jay wrote about Simpsons critics and the SNL-haters who insist the show hasn't been any good since fill-in-the-blank, but someone beat me to it.

I guess the price you pay with a popular site like TV Squad is that you attract a lot of negativity. That's too bad. There's something to be said for hashing out a point of disagreement in the comments, but there's gotta be some kind of ground rule that says "I'll listen to your argument but you have to listen to mine".

I must say that I appreciate all of the comments you've left on my blog, Sean. Always very thoughtful.

Sean Tubbs said...

Well, I like entering in to conversations with other people online. Do you have a comments feed I could subscribe to?

Eric F. said...

No! I went and checked and there are four different feeds for my site, but no comments feed. Maybe there's a plug-in or something I can use.