Recent lack of activity

I've found it hard to write anything in here for a while. I have a lot of drafts that I save when I realize I can't really send it out to the public. It's so easy sometimes to be absolutely candid, way too much so. I have to watch that as do we all. I think sometimes I cut back way too much, maybe too fearful. After all, it's not like there's an incredibly large audience.

These days it seems everyone announces their life on the Internet. This is fantastically grand. We live on here, and our lives are influenced by here. Where is here for you? For me at the moment, it's being on the kitchen table that's in our living room. We recently moved everything around in order to sit in the window, able to look out over our cul-de-sac with its majestic views.

So, that's one observation. One thing that happened and can be pointed out.

I did not mention to anyone on here that the recent appearance of Bolivian President Evo Morales on the Daily Show was absolutely stunning. I wrote something up on this, but stopped.

I did not mention anything about my daughter being dressing up like a dog. She's about to turn two, and she can say this, and she's approaching the terrible part, as I'm sure all children do. Amy and I are trying to get through it.

I've not talked about the shows I've watched this week. NBC got five hours of my week, by putting on shows I'm interested in trying out. I've been working while they're on, which is a lot of fun, though I did not do that with Heroes.

I've been posting a lot of comments on Charlottesville Blogs. I'm doing this because I'm trying to avoid a discussion forum that I frequent. I'm growing increasingly disturbed by the content, and it's better to just walk away.

I'm considering opening up a Facebook account. I have a myspace and a linkedin account, but I don't have a Facebook account. I am weary of joining another social network. I don't meet enough people in real life. It turns out I don't really see much of anyone anymore. I mostly go to work and then come home to do more work.

I'm considering more experimental things on the Charlottesville Podcasting Network, or at least, connecting people with one of my other podcasts that I never publicize. But, I'm not quite that brave. I'm sure there are many people who create things, but never actually let them see the light of day. Perhaps this is for the best.


Matthew Rosenberg said...

Sometimes its best to just let it out Sean.

Sean Tubbs said...

Well, you've not heard any of it yet!

Eric F. said...

I hear you - life offers lots of stuff to write about but putting it out there is not easy for some. That's why I stick to TV and entertainment, which is feeling like a mostly empty pursuit these days.

I ended up on Facebook to see if it would be appropriate for work purposes (seriously!) and have mixed feelings about it, too. I'd rather connect with some real people than have be found by people I never really knew in the first place.

I'd say go for it with that other podcast. I'd check it out.