BBC's In Business presenter writes about podcasting

Peter Day is the presenter of In Business on BBC Radio 4. He's written an article for the Daily Mail about how podcasting has drastically increased the profile for his show, which he's been hosting since 1988.

I woke up to what was happening when I went to Cambridge and a procession of dons and local business angels mentioned recent favourite programmes they'd heard in the gym. It seems to be a good fit, this half an hour of workout accompanied by half an hour of keeping up with busines trends.

Whenever I meet teachers, they talk about the use they can make of In Business in schools. Podcasting makes this 'resource' much more accessible. And we've now made available on the website a downloadable archive of programmes going back years.

When the BBC started podcasting two years ago, I made a programme about it. 'Although I report endlessly about technology,' I said, 'you only notice what's happening when it begins to effect your own job.' Here comes podcasting, and here am I in the firing line.

I'm happy getting the audio, but how long until I can buy video podcasts of BBC shows directly from the UK? Could that be negotiated?

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