iTunes podcast subscribing as easy as dragging and dropping

You would think that the guy who runs the Charlottesville Podcasting Network would have figured this out already.

Today I was reading through one of the e-mails I get from Poytner about how to improve my craft as a journalist. And, I noticed there was a podcast involved as well. The innovation, though, was a suggestion that I could "drag and drop to iTunes."

So, I tried it. I opened up iTunes, opened the Podcast folder, and dragged the link to Poytner's podcast feed in, and it worked. I'm now subscribed! Easy as pie.

Try it yourself!

Charlottesville Podcasting Network feed: Drag to iTunes
Charlottesville Tomorrow podcast feed: Drag to iTunes

One thing to note is that feeds directly into the iTunes music store do not work this way, which I don't find terribly surprising.

Edit: I had to delete two of them, because I can't seem to get Feedburner to work correctly with the sub-category podcasts. Need to upgrade CPN's Wordpress and Podpress to get this started. Any suggestions?

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