Holiday Gathering at Court Square Tavern on Saturday

It's the holiday season, and that means a time to celebrate the things we're thankful for. For me, that means the reopening of Court Square Tavern after last year's fire. Even though my office is less than a block away, I've not gone as much as I would have thought. Then again, it's been a pretty busy year.

So, this Saturday, I'm asking anyone who's still in town to drop on by, sometime after 6:00 PM or so, to have a couple of beers (or hot drinks) and to chat and have a little fun. Leave a comment if you're thinking of coming, and come on by. Remember, it's non-smoking now, and there's even wi-fi. I am hoping to leave the computer at home, but you never know.

In the new year, I'd like to get a regular gathering of folks there to talk podcasting and new media locally. This might be a good way to start that off. So, if you've not met me at all, and if I've not met you, this may be a good way to get things going!

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Sean Tubbs said...

Thanks to all who showed up!