Tim Kaine event captured by local Realtor

Kudos to Daniel Rothamel, the Real Estate Zebra, as he covers the press conference of Governor Tim Kaine today at a new bridge over the Rivanna River in Fluvanna County. I had to work on a piece on Albemarle County's Six Year Plan for secondary roads funding, so I missed the 10:30 appearance opening up the ecoMOD3 house.

I'd like to see more of these types of things, and would encourage any would-be citizen journalist to consider lending a hand with the Charlottesville Podcasting Network. There's always something to do. I've even updated the About Page to let folks know more about the opportunities. In 2008, the site is going to need more people helping out if it is to continue growing. There's a lot of really exciting things that are possible, but it's going to take people who are interested in learning a few new skills.

In the meantime, here's Daniel's piece from today:

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