Interview work for the BBC today

Of all of the cool things I get to do in my job and vocation, getting to do the occasional recording work for the BBC ranks up near the top.

Today I got to record Larry Sabato for an upcoming Instant Guide segment on the importance of the Super Tuesday primaries on February 5. I got to go to his Pavilion on the Lawn, and hear him explain to the world listener all of the relevant details behind the primary. Now, I'll be waiting this weekend to hear how the editor will take the raw interview and turn it into a primer for those on Earth who would like to know more about how the U.S. President is chosen.

Radio IQ airs the show at various times throughout the weekend, but there's also a podcast. I just subscribed. It's a neat show which can give you a quick overview of all sorts of things social, scientific and cultural.

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Sean Tubbs said...

The audio I recorded was not very good at all. I messed it up. Oh well. I will try to improve.