NASA's new website

Earlier this year I blogged about how irritated I was that NASA wouldn't grant permission for me to record an event. I still think that was wrong, but policy is policy.

But I did want to point out NASA's new web redesign, which is very widgety and seems to contain a lot of information at first glance. It looks a wee-bit gadget heavy, but I was able to navigate quickly to a few things I wanted to look at. I'll give it a deeper spin soon. What do you all think?

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cvillewords.com said...

Wow. At first glance, I absolutely hate it. Icons are very 1999. Why is the calendar so huge? What's the inherent organization of the page?

Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.


On the other hand, my husband thinks it's neat. He likes it.

I hate it.