Thoughts on the radio stream

I'm enjoying programming my own "radio" stream.

I've decided to put hours and hours and hours of archive material in there, as long as the odd song and raw audio. Right now I'm listening to a 2006 recording I did of the Free Speech monument opening up, and now it's playing a random mp3 I have of someone giving advice on how to survive a zombie attack. In all, it's a fun mix, and I'm enjoying programming.

So far, I've had a maximum of 4 simultaneous listeners!

What's the purpose of this? To explore the technology, and to see if it's something useful. For me so far, it's nice to have a bit of serendipity regarding my listening choices. And yes, it's a bit self-serving, as right now the playlist also includes random radio pieces I've done over the years, as well as some of my odd musical stylings.

So, tune in and enjoy this random selection, and listen as it evolves into something akin to a real radio station. I like having something new to play with.

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