Was Malthus right?

I have absolutely no idea. But, listening to this 30 minute discussion on the legacy of Malthus was pretty interesting. From the blurb on the BBC's website:

"Matthew Sweet hosts a dicussion about the eighteenth-century English Economist -Robert Thomas Malthus which explores why his theories on population growth are currently the subject of renewed debates"

Locally, we also see these arguments playing out, with Advocates for a Sustainable Albemarle Population leading the charge. If you have any interest in this issue, on either side, listening to the BBC podcast will inform you on the global issues.

I listened last night, otherwise I would have more details.

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Danielle Uidam said...

Over population is a huge issue. I just finished writing a novel, The Malthus Conspiracy, and although fictional, it highlights some of the issues that Malthus outlined, and some of the issues today. I hope more attention is drawn to the issues overpopulation brings! http://amzn.com/B00B3SV3RW