Podcasts I Like: The Bugle

I've not been blogging a lot lately, because there just hasn't been much of a point. I've been pretty busy with work and with buying a house and with fretting about my taxes. I have a lot of drafts that I figured were not very interesting.

But, watching the Daily Show this evening, with a brilliant bit by John Oliver, I thought I'd post something about one of the podcasts I'm listening to at the moment.

If you've not heard about it by now, Oliver is one half of a great duo that produces the world's only audio-only newspaper, The Bugle. I've become a big fan of the show, and think it's a great example of the kind of media I'd like - comedy aimed at an English-speaking audience regardless of country.

With Oliver in New York to do the Daily Show, he joins his colleague Andy Zaltzman via radio studio for their take on the news of the week. Plus, silliness such as Hotties from History, regular visits from The American, and the ever-elusive Audio Cryptic Crossword. It's a good show that's evolving nicely. As Oliver's career catches on here, I predict this will become a popular show.

And speaking of the Daily Show, author Aram Rostom is on the show talking about his book, Ahmad Chalabi: The Man Who Pushed America to War. Rostom was a guest last month on Coy Barefoot's "Charlottesville--Right Now!" on WINA.

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