Saturday night rambling - or, "What shall I do?

It is ten on a Saturday night. On one computer I have some video I'm working on waiting to be processed. On this computer I have three lectures that need to be produced. A show I want to watch has just finished downloading. I just clicked over to this tab in FireFox (I have eight open) to close it and thought I really should at least post something, if only to get at least one post in April.

I have an incredibly hard time writing anything in this space at the moment, because it feels like there's a potential audience. Ever since last September, when all of a sudden my blog posting on that incident turned into local news, I've been careful about what I post here. That's also had the effect of me not writing personal journals anymore, because it's all part of the same big mish-mash, all typed up on a computer in my basement.

But, as I said, it's ten on a Saturday night and what do I do? The kids are in bed. My wife is asleep, or at least, is heading that way. I should probably sleep as well, given that I only get about six hours of sleep a night these days. Catching up would seem to make sense, but at the same time, I usually do worse if I get too much sleep.

Yet, at the moment, I feel compelled to at least fill this box with a few more words. After all, it's another deadline, isn't it? I suppose I could be producing one of my own podcasts, but that likely will not occur. I've not posted one of my secret podcasts since December, I think, and those are all gone anyway because of the recent crash to the Charlottesville Podcasting Network (now fixed, of course). Of course, I just posted one quick thing, a link really to the Darden Businesscast, which is a well-produced summary of the news for that community. I would like very much to emulate this style with a Charlottesville-based news-in-review podcast.

I do miss the longer podcasts I used to do on the site, such as the one I did with Diana Foster of the Rivanna Trails Foundation or the University of Virginia's incredible representation in the Peace Corps. I did get the chance to do something like this at Charlottesville Tomorrow, with a post with Zachary Shahan of the Alliance for Community Choice in Transportation.

More of those will come in the future. I have been unable to do much work with the group that is helping me produce podcasts. I'm working all working hours that I can now on things that are bringing in income. I have some very interesting clients at the moment, and I am working on projects that I am proud to be doing.

I think, though, I need to clear up the computer so I can get on with some work. I'm going to rebuild my secret podcast, right now!

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