Also: The dog comes with us!

We're not getting rid of the dog, as previously suggested. It was a possibility. I will say, it's been stressful with the whole transition to a new house thing, as well as a transition to me being the primary source of income in the family. I can't imagine me being that, but here I am!

So, Billy comes with us to the new place. We'll even patch up the fence so he doesn't get out. We're on a busier road, so that may affect things a bit. Right now, he's safe if he escapes. Not so much in the new place. Though, I know Billy is street smart, and know he seeks wild spaces and not roads.

Or, so I hope!

Still, we'll make new dog tags for him. He has been with me since he was a puppy, as a friend of mine pointed out today. I was wrong to consider it. But, sometimes, life piles up on you and there's not much you can do but look for ways to relieve stress.

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