Free video = $6 for Joss Whedon and Dr. Horrible

So, I watched Dr. Horrible twice when it was online. My wife watched it once. I thought it was absolutely tremendous, and the songs have been running through my head all day. It was great entertainment, and I really admire the way this experiment has turned out.

But, today, it's gone. The easy-to-play buttons that a clean iteration of hulu were gone, replaced with links to favorable press about the three-act project. I spent about an hour today reading through these accounts. Whedon wrote the story during the writer's strike, and then made it afterwards on his own dime. Spent something in "the low six-figures" according to Variety, all part of his master plan.

Taking it down is genius. What was once available is now gone. Scarcity is created. Desire is created. Demand rushes in through the only available pathway - paying $6 to purchase the whole thing from iTunes. Now, in a few minutes, I get to watch it again. A very small amount of disposable income easily spent in the interests of my self-gratification.

I'll stop short, however, of buying the DVD, though I hear extra content is being created for it. After watching this thing several more times, will I need to see something new? Will I pay to the special commentary track they're developing, complete with a new song?

Who knows? But, anyway, no more blogging. Time to watch.

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Sean Tubbs said...

Still watching it!