I will not apologize for Rush

I am sitting here doing my bills, and feeling pretty low about my finances as the reality of buying a house settles in a bit. But, then suddenly "Finding My Way" from Rush's first album comes on and there's Geddy Lee singing in that weird Canadian way. Suddenly, I'm cheered up and I feel like I can do anything. Anyone can do anything if they have such a jaunty bass line playing counterpoint to that tough-guy songbird voice that Geddy Lee was able to do back in those days.

I will not apologize for liking Rush. I keep seeing them listed as a huge joke, but at best, I'll give you "tongue in cheek" joke, as seen in their marvelous opus "The Trees"

And after watching that, I feel a little bit of relaxtion creeping through my veins, at least, breaking free from the worry for just a second. Because, come on. The above is one of the silliest songs of all time, and it's definitely something that can cheer me up. I wish I could grow a mustache like Neal Peart in this one. Also, I'd take his drum kit. And, the rock opera quality of the middle parts really make me feel like heading out into a wilderness somewhere to support the rights of Maple trees everywhere.

Where is the Rush musical? I want a full-fledged depiction of this marvelous song. I'll take it animated. I'll take it done with sock puppets. A Lego version. Anything.

Of course, I just realized this whole thing could be a veiled threat against the United States. Maples versus Oak trees. Interesting. So, on that note, I close this entry by simply saying that it is Canada Day, so that's my tribute.

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eric said...

Thanks for the Canada Day tribute, Sean. Nothing wrong with a little bit of Rush every now and then.